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Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program at Pacific Wildlife Care is a working and learning experience for individuals interested in wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation. We hope that our program can serve as a thorough introduction to wildlife rehabilitation opportunities. The large number of animals and variety of species admitted to Pacific Wildlife Care give our interns the unique opportunity to become familiar with these species’ natural history, including their dietary, behavioral, and conservation needs. Due to the hands-on nature of rehabilitation, interns will also have the opportunity to become acquainted with physiological, behavioral, and some pathological aspects of the patients admitted to our Rehabilitation Center and the problems with which they present.

Individuals selected will be expected to participate in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation-cleaning, feeding, enclosure set-up and maintenance, observation, record-keeping, treatment, and release of rehabilitated patients. Focusing on hands-on animal care will give interns valuable experience in such crucial tasks as learning how to safely handle many species of wild animals, administering medications, and raising orphaned birds and mammals.

In return for providing this experience, Pacific Wildlife Care expects to work with enthusiastic, hard-working, dependable, and physically and emotionally strong individuals who will become an integral part of the Pacific Wildlife Care team during their internships. Interns able to understand the big picture of the importance of wildlife rehabilitation will gain the greatest satisfaction not only from working directly with the animals, but from being a part of a process that respects the nature of wildlife and allows animals the chance to enter back into their wild world.


The Summer Internship Application period begins in January, and the deadline for internship applications is March 15. Selections will be made, and applicants will be informed in early April.

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